20+ iPhone tips you’ll use frequently

April 28, 2017 brianradio2016

I write about Apple every day. I write opinions, news analysis, tips, features – all sorts of stuff. Today I thought you might enjoy this collection of 20 lesser-known iPhone tips, which I do hope are of use to you. Here we go:

Fickle fingers

Does Touch ID sometimes fail to recognize your finger as fast as you like? You can improve its accuracy by registering the same fingerprint two or more times in the system. You can improve it even more if you register the same fingerprint on a cold day, and when it is damp, as both can impact your print slightly. Add (and name) fingerprints in Settings>Touch ID & Passcode.

Don’t waste data

If you share images using Messages (and most of us do), and keep hitting your data allocation every month why not try to reduce the size of the attachments you share?

You can do this easily in Settings>Messages>Low Quality Image Mode, which you toggle to on (green). Now the images you send will be less high quality, but they’ll take a lot less space.