Best tips & takeaways from RStudio Conference

January 13, 2017 brianradio2016

Jan. 12, 9:26 AM: I’m heading off to Kissimmee, Florida for the RStudio Conference. From Hadley Wickham’s opening keynote today on Data Science in the Tidyverse through sessions on HTML widgets, general programming and more, I hope to have plenty of news, tips & tricks to share. I’ll be updating this blog throughout the conference, I hope you’ll come back to see the latest!

Jan 13, 5:43 PM: The bsplus package is designed so you can get “more stuff in your Shiny app,” says creator Ian Lyttle.wraps Bootstrap components, including accordion sidebar, carousel, tooltips, popover, help links and more. It was inspired by the shinyBS package, he said. Nothing in bsplus depends on the server part of Shiny, it’s all in the UI side, which means it will work in RMarkdown documents as well.

Jan 13, 5:34 PM: Karl Broman, professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison, has started a GitHub repo to collect links to conference presentation slides .

Jan 13, 5:21 PM: The ggedit package gives an interactive GUI for editing a ggplot2 graphic or theme — and then lets you see the code behind the change.