August 18, 2018 brianradio2016

I was an early subscriber to MoviePass, or at least early after the $9.99 unlimited plan debuted a year ago. Ironically, all the troubles it’s facing now weren’t present then. But I still regret subscribing, because I simply couldn’t make enough use of it.

During the months of September, October and November, I couldn’t find a single movie I really wanted to see in a theater. Plus, I never go on my own, so paying full price for my wife’s ticket kind of killed the thrill. After four months, I cancelled the subscription — just in the nick of time, because by now I’d *really* be regretting it.

Rick Broida

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August 18, 2018 brianradio2016

Can the police search your phone?

The answer to that question is getting complicated.

But it’s an important thing to know. The reason is that your phone, and the phones of every employee at your company, almost certainly contain company secrets — or provide access to those secrets.

Phones can provide access to passwords, contact lists, emails, phone call metadata, photos, spreadsheets and other company documents, location histories, photos and much more.

August 17, 2018 brianradio2016

August 17, 2018 brianradio2016

Elon Musk got a lot off his chest in a tearful interview with the New York Times , but Tesla investors apparently weren’t feeling very sympathetic on Friday. The stock fell 8% in the wake of the interview in which he detailed “the most difficult and painful year” of his career,…

August 17, 2018 brianradio2016

Microsoft’s KB 4458166, released on Tuesday, explains that the push to Win10 version 1803 has been halted for machines running .Net applications that use the TLS 1.2 security protocol. Presumably, effective Tuesday, if you have a Win10 1709 or 1703 machine that’s running one of those programs (including, notably, QuickBooks Desktop), Microsoft won’t try to push 1803 on it.

It isn’t clear if the bug arose from the recent .Net updates to Win10 1803 or if it’s been there all along and Microsoft’s testers took four months to figure out that upgrading to 1803 hoses QuickBooks.

Late last night, without fanfare, Microsoft put two “Critical Updates” in the Windows Update Catalog that likely solve the problem.

I say “appears” because, other than the title of those (obscure!) Microsoft Catalog entries, I don’t see any indication what they’re supposed to do. The KB article, in particular, has not been modified to point to the new patches. It still says:

August 17, 2018 brianradio2016

After launching a proof of concept earlier this year, IBM and Maersk have unveiled TradeLens, the production version of an electronic ledger for tracking global shipments; the companies say they have 94 participants piloting the system, including more than 20 port and terminal operators.

The jointly developed electronic shipping ledger records details of cargo shipments as they leave their origin, arrive in ports, are shipped overseas and eventually received.

During the transportation process, all of the involved parties in the supply chain can view tracking information such as shipment arrival times and documents such as customs releases, commercial invoices and bills of lading in near real time via the permissioned blockchain ledger.

More than 160 million such shipping events have been captured on the platform, according to IBM and Maersk. “This data is growing at a rate of close to one million events per day,” the companies said.

August 17, 2018 brianradio2016

There had already been rumblings of Google employees who’d complained or defected from the company altogether to avoid having to work on a censorship-friendly search app reportedly being made for China. Now about 1,400 employees who are still there have banded together in a more cohesive way, penning a…