October 17, 2018 brianradio2016

Through a new community process, the Eclipse Foundation seeks an open source, lightweight, code-first approach to evolving enterprise Java. The specification process and future revisions have to approved by the Eclipse board of directors.

If approved, a draft of the Eclipse Foundation Specification Process would be used for Jakarta EE, Eclipse’s implementation of enterprise Java as a new “open” specification process. The proposal would replace the Java Community Process (JCP), which has been used for amending the predecessor Java EE (Enterprise Edition) platform.

The Eclipse specification committee’s approach centers on these points:

  • Designing a process that would be as lightweight as possible.
  • Have the specification process be as close to open source development as possible.
  • Creation of a process that allows code-first development and enabling a culture where experimentation can happen in open source, with specifications based on those experiences.
  • Reusing the Eclipse Development Process when possible.
  • Taking care of intellectual property flows and protecting the community’s work from bad actors. With this in mind, specification committee approval is required for releases from specification projects in addition to normal project management committee approval. Also being introduced is the notion of “participants,” who are committers representing specific member companies. This is needed to ensure that intellectual property contributions, particularly patents, are properly captured by the process.

Eclipse is seeking feedback on its proposal, which can be offered via a community mailing list, which is the preferred method, or as document comments.

October 17, 2018 brianradio2016

This month’s bad patches made headlines. Lots of headlines. For good reason.

You have my sympathy if you clicked “Check for updates” and got all of the files in your Documents and Photos folders deleted. Even if you didn’t become a “seeker” (didn’t manually check for updates) your month may have been filled with blue screens, odd chicken-and-egg errors, and destroyed audio drivers — and Edge and your UWP (“Metro” Store) apps might have been kicked off the internet.

You didn’t need to lift a finger.

Worst Windows 10 rollout ever

Hard to believe that Windows 10 version rollouts could get any worse, but this month hit the bottom of a nearly bottomless barrel. Some folks who clicked “Check for updates” wound up with a brand spanking new copy of Win10 version 1809 — and all of the files in their \Documents, \Pictures, \Music, \Videos and other folders disappeared. I have a series of articles on that topic, arranged chronologically:

Word to the Win10 wise: Don’t click ‘Check for updates’ — Microsoft has unilaterally given itself permission to upgrade your Win10 PC to the brand-new version 1809, if you have the temerity to click “Check for updates.”

How to block the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, version 1809, from installing — the best ways to ensure you install 1809 when you’re ready, even in the face of recent forced updates from Microsoft.

October 17, 2018 brianradio2016

In 2016, a drone came within 200 feet of a plane that was approaching LAX. Disaster was avoided, but what if a collision had occurred? Kevin Poormon with the University of Dayton Research Institute’s impact physics division set out to find out. The answer he arrived at isn’t a very…

October 17, 2018 brianradio2016

Some say discretion is the better part of valor, which means the discreet yet useful Apple Watch Series 4 may be the bravest thing of all.

Apple’s brave little watch

What is the nature of a wristwatch?

For most of us, it’s something we wear and look at when we need the time. A smartwatch adds an indefinable number of additional features, and at their best, these don’t get in our way and are there only when we need them to be.

That’s certainly the message when it comes to one of the flagship features of the watch, Siri.

The Siri watch face is smart enough to learn what you need and provide it for you, while remaining discreet enough not to get in your way. In one glance, you can find out how active you are, check your heart rate, review your day ahead and more. You can use the watch to listen to podcasts and music, to se third-party apps, and more.

This isn’t a feature guide – I have one of those here – but it is a review of how the watch makes those tools available: discretely.

October 17, 2018 brianradio2016

It’s going much too far to say that flagship Android smartphones have all become the same, but the differences between their hardware have become pretty narrow. Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, OLED screen, Gorilla Glass — if you were buying strictly off a spec sheet, it’s become fairly difficult to make a mistake if you’re picking from among the top four or five phones or vendors.

As nice as Google’s Pixel 3 and 3XL are, though, you’d be hard pressed to make the case for them as ideal machines for the enterprise.

Oh, they’re pretty enough — glass-encased, with big OLED screens. And they’re certainly capable, with top-end components (great screen, responsive feel, and long-lasting battery) and AI features that enhance an already excellent camera. Definitely crave-worthy and worth showing off to your colleagues, who’ll be envious until the next shiny thing comes along.