Microsoft Patch Alert: Windows 7 takes the brunt of March patching problems

March 28, 2018 brianradio2016 No comments exist

An enormous number of patches spewed out of Microsoft this month, with two ponderous cumulative updates for each version of Windows 10, a third “bonus” bug fix for Win10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709), and a just-described bug in Windows 7 that’ll leave you begging for a Win7 patch that works.

There’s also a bit of comic relief with a patch for Win10 1709, KB 4094276, that “makes improvements to ease the upgrade experience to Windows 10 Version 1709.” That’s a wonderful example of a self-referential fix.

Multiple patches for all versions of Win10

If you’re running Win10, you saw multiple big patches in March:

  • Version 1709 – the Fall Creators Update — saw an emergency fix, KB 4090913, on March 5, which fixed a bug introduced in the February round of patches (and rendered some machines unbootable); a “regular” Patch Tuesday patch, KB 4088776 on March 13; and a big out-of-out-of-band patch KB 4089848 on Thursday, March 22. The biggest complaints involve the usual chorus of patches that refuse to install, and driver problems. Reports of INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE bluescreens are tapering off.
  • Version 1703 – the Creators Update — also got a bug fix, KB 4092077, on March 8, which fixed an earlier patch that crashed the user interface. 1703 also saw two big cumulative updates, KB 4088782 on Patch Tuesday and KB 4088891 on the really-out-of-band patch date: March 22.
  • Version 1607 and Server 2016 – the Anniversary Update — also got two big cumulative updates, KB 4088787 on Patch Tuesday and a big booster KB 4088889 on the way-out-of-band Thursday. Just a reminder that, unless you’re using 1607 Enterprise or Education, your version runs out of support (as it were) on April 10.

March also presented us with the third, uh, opportunity to get forcibly pushed from Win10 1703 to 1709 – even on systems specifically set to block the upgrade.

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