Microsoft’s critical Windows and Office patches present a panoply of problems

April 13, 2017 brianradio2016 No comments exist

Windows and Office patching have had a horrible three months.

In February, we saw no patches except a decidedly late-to-the-party IE Flash fix, released a week after Adobe spilled the beans. March brought a metric mess of patches, to compensate for February’s shortcomings.

April, though, is proving to be the cruellest month, with botched version detection for blocked updates, MSRT bugs, a problem with the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer, sync failures for Update Servers, more problems with a faltering Win10 1607 cumulative update, odd multiple reboots, and confusion over the .Net patches.

That’s just what we’ve seen in the first 48 hours. Heaven only knows what other evil lurks.

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