Win10 1803 bugs roll in: Chrome freezes, Skype burps, Alienware craters and… hey, Cortana?

May 4, 2018 brianradio2016 No comments exist

The new version of Windows 10 has been out for less than a week, and those who welcomed it with open arms (and the unfortunate seekers who got stuck) are starting to feel the burn. I’m not so surprised by the usual problems – bad drivers, stuck installs, upgrade failures – but the number of conflicts with Microsoft’s other products takes my breath away. You have to wonder who’s testing this stuff. Truly, the 10 million users in the Windows Insider Program (present company included) aren’t enough.

Which build is which?

At this point, the folks who came along from the Windows Insider beta process are on build 17134.5, released April 27. But those who upgraded directly are still on 17134.1. There’s a great deal of confusion at the moment as to which build’s on first and who’s on second, but as best I can tell, 17134.1 is the 1803 neophyte’s build, 17134.5 belongs to the Insiders, and the official Win10 update history page still doesn’t say squat.

Chrome freezes

Microsoft has acknowledged this bug. As reported by TheCuteCat on Reddit:

Everything freezes, keys don’t work, Ctrl Alt Delete doesn’t work… My issue is on a clean install on a Yoga 920 with drivers downloaded from Windows Update… Bug may be related to hardware acceleration… The ONLY way to gain back control is to make the computer sleep by pressing the power button on my laptop, then reawakening.

Everything freezes

But that’s not all. Scrolling through the problem list on that Reddit page, there are reports of all of these products freezing under 1803:

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